Soca! Bachata! Reggae! Ready for 6 more names?

Soca! Bachata! Reggae! Ready for 6 more names?

No Antilliaanse Feesten without soca! With Nailah Blackman we present you the soca princess of the moment. We also have great names for bachata and reggae lovers… Get ready !!!


This 'princess of soca' broke through in 2017 with 'Baila Mami' and 'Workout', together with Kes The Band. She makes very danceable soca songs with dancehall, pop and trap influences. Her first album 'The Reel' was released in 2019. Our favorite is 'More Sokah'. Indeed, more soca please!

BIZZEY - hip hop / rap

In 2010 Bizzey founded the Dutch rap group Yellow Claw, with well-known hits 'Thunder' and 'Shotgun'. He has been working on his solo career since 2016 and has scored several major hits, with biggest shot 'Traag'. His first CD 'November' followed in 2018 and 'Tido' in 2019. For the first time on our stage!

SANDRO REYES - bachata

This young Spanish artist brings a new vibe to the bachata scene. He is known for his wild live shows in which he attracts attention as a singer / guitarist. No better stage for Sandro than ours, you better be warned! At the end of 2019 he released the beautiful album 'El Amor de Su Vida'.

Jesse Royal - reggae

In the reggae revival of recent years, Jesse Royal is one of the artists that gives the genre a lot of color. Good songs with a positive message and of course that wonderful reggae vibe. Get in the reggae mood with 'Roots And Culture'.


Triniboi Joocie (° Trinidad) brings solid soca grooves with influences from the London grime scene. Ms Desire (° Barbados) makes excellent soca songs with her Caribbean island vibe. They join forces for a BIG soca party with their live band!

BRYAN MG - hip hop / rap

Bryan Mg is a unique rapper from Ghent, with Congolese roots. His album 'MGSEASON 2' was recently released, on which he raps effortlessly in French, English and Dutch on Caribbean and Afro-inspired beats. Both Belgium and the Netherlands are becoming fans!