Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo

Eddy Kenzo

♦   Saturday 17:45, Main Stage

"Happy music for dancing" is how Eddy Kenzo describes the music he makes.
His mother died when he was 5, after that he lived on the streets of Masaka, Central Uganda, until he was 18. Yet he was able to finish his school. In 2010 he broke through in his own country and in 2014 he scored an African hit with 'Sitya Loss'.
He released a couple of full albums, all with own compositions of happy music. The album 'Biography' is a classic.

Eddy Kenzo is an African superstar, with a good heart; this can be seen in the many, often funny videos he makes, in which he shows off his country. His songs radiate a joy of life and an African pride which we admire.

He comes to Europe for the first time with his complete band by invitation of Antilliaanse Feesten.
Will this be the surprise of the festival?

Here you can see a nice tribute to his country with a few ghetto kids dancing to his song. There's that joy of life again!

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