Can kids get in for free?

Yes. Kids younger than 12 years get in for free. Do mind, Antilliaanse Feesten is definitely a night festival. If you do bring your kids to enjoy the nice atmosphere, bring that friendly babysitter. 

Can I use camping food and drink tickets at the festival site? 

No, the camping food and drink tickets differ from the ones on the festival and are not interchangeable.

Can I still get tickets at the box office? 

Yes, definitely. But mind your timing. Our advice? Do come early, as to be sure to get in dancing. 

What do I tell my GPS?

Just put "Hoogstraten, Hal 3” in your GPS and follow the road signs to the festival site or campsite.

Is the festival wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, each year we try to optimize the experience for every visitor:

  • special parking area: just talk to our parking guards, they will gladly show you to the reserved parking area near the entrance 
  • wheelchair-friendly gates
  • two big video screens, one near the main stage, one in the center of the festival site
  • special wheelchair ramps in all marquees 
  • wheelchair-friendly toilets
  • guide dogs for the blind are very welcome too of course