The festival campsite of Antilliaanse Feesten is populated by a large community, a great mix op multiple cultures, people and fun. Ofcourse there are a few house rules to maintain the good-to-great atmosphere.

On Friday and Saturday you can only reach the campsite on foot, only on Thursday you can drive up briefly to unload and park back.

This rule also applies to motorhomes and caravans!


Large generators and large gas bottles (> 27,3 L) are absolutely forbidden. For obvious health & safety reasons our specially trained security team has a zero-tolerance policy for this. A clear overview can be found here.

Also not allowed:
• selling food or drinks yourself will get you banned from the festival
• open fire
• big pets like dogs
• overly pimped out sound systems that disturb other campers
• Quads


• camping gas systems with gas cartridges or refillable gas cylinders (MAX. 27,3 L)
• barbeque in the barbeque-zones
• small silent generator (max 2.000W)

A clear overview can be found here.

Please, do use your common sense when cooking on camping. Do not throw smoldering charcoal on the grass or in the bins! Be safe!
The typical "Antilliaanse Feestneus" likes a great party. And some good sleep to recharge those batteries. That's why we ask you to only start playing your music at the campsite after noon (12PM). That's fair, no?


  • electricity for campers in caravans and mobilhomes
  • mobilhomes or caravans for rent

We're all part of the green, camping clean team.

That's why you will all get a free, grey bin bag when entering the campsite. When leaving the festival with that big smile, just drop your bag in one of the big waste bins on camping.

Need more bin bags? No problem. Find your extra waste bags at the campsite marquee.

Please, quickly clean your camping ground afterwards. That helps us a lot.

NO, it's not possible to support everyone with electricity.

YES, we will help you blow up your air mattress. Find our generator in the camping marquee.

YES, your showers will be hot and steamy

YES, our cleaning team is present at the campsite. When encountering problems, just call them using the special telephone number you will find at the campsite.

YES, you can buy a whole lot of ice cubes. To 'shssss' those dancing feet, just get your bags in the campsite marquee.