The campsite of Antilliaanse Feesten is a great mix of multiple cultures, people and fun. To guarantee a good-to-great atmosphere there are some basic rules though. Let's find out what!

The campsite is open from Thursday 8/8 at 11.00 am to Sunday 11/8 at 12.00 pm.
The guard car park is hermetically sealed until Wednesday 7 August at 5 pm. So arriving earlier does not make any sense!

ATTENTION: OUR FESTIVAL CAMPING IS ONLY FOR VISITORS WHO ARE IN A FESTIVAL TICKET! (no access to the camp site on Thursday or Friday without combi festival ticket (for Friday and Saturday)

You will receive your combi-strap (access for both camping and festival) after scanning your combi-ticket. Arrange your combi-ticket online in advance (on-site can also at the new camping-checkout, in cash or bancontact).


You can buy your tickets online, in combination with your festivalticket. Kids younger than 12 years get in for free! TICKETLINK

  • you arrive on Thursday (until midnight): € 45 p.p.
  • you arrive on Friday (until midnight): € 30 p.p.
  • you arrive on Saturday: € 15 p.p.

No extra charge for your car or camper. There you go!


For a good overview: click here!

Your camping ticket ensures the following services:

  • free toilets
  • permanent monitoring by safety team
  • 24/7 medical service by Red Cross (day and night)
  • the best quality of showers for only €3 extra
  • free drinking water
  • central campsite marquee with drinks and breakfast service (at lowest price possible)
  • food booths with warm meals
  • special shows & DJs at campsite marquee on Thursday (evening), Friday (afternoon) and Saturday (afternoon).


The Festihut offers all the comfort you need: there are (bunk) beds equipped with a full mattress and there's even an insulated roof.

The Festihut is built 10 cm above the ground. Moist bedding and clothes are history! Ideal for those who want to camp, but want to sleep comfortably.

With an area of 7.5 m2, there is room for 4 people. The large hatch in the Festihut highlights the broad sense.

To ensure safety, there is a lockable door in the Festihut.
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4. Forbidden on camping site

Generators and big gas cannisters are absolutely forbidden. For obvious health & safety reasons our specially trained security team has a zero-tolerance policy for this.

Also not allowed:

  • selling food or drinks yourself will get you banned from the festival
  • open fire
  • big pets like dogs
  • overly pimped out sound systems that disturb other campers.

5. Allowed on camping site

  • camping gas systems with gas cartridges or refillable gas cylinders (MAX. 27 L)
  • barbecue
  • small silent generator (max 2.000W)

Please, do use your common sense when cooking on camping. Do not throw smoldering charcoal on the grass or in the bins!

The typical "Antilliaanse Feestneus" likes a great party. And some good sleep to recharge those batteries. That's why we ask you to only start playing your music at the campsite after noon (12PM). That's fair, no?

6. Not available on camping

  • electricity for campers in caravans and mobilhomes
  • mobilhomes or caravans for rent

7. We're all part of the green, camping clean team.

That's why you will all get a free, grey bin bag when entering the campsite. When leaving the festival with that big smile, just drop your bag in one of the big waste bins on camping.

Need more bin bags? No problem. Find your extra waste bags at the campsite marquee.

Please, quickly clean your camping ground afterwards. That helps us a lot.

9. Nice to know ...

NO, it's not possible to support everyone with electricity.

YES, we will help you blow up your air mattress. Find our generator in the camping marquee.

YES, your water-cleaned festival toilets are always free.

YES, your showers will be hot and steamy between 8AM and 10PM

YES, you can buy festival tickets at the box office at the main festival entrance. Watch out: first come, first served.

YES, our cleaning team is present at the campsite. When encountering problems, just call them using the special telephone number you will find at the campsite.

YES, you can buy a whole lot of ice cubes. To 'shssss' those dancing feet, just get your bags in the campsite marquee.