♦   Saturday 00:00, Main Stage

For years Carimi was a fan favourite. They played a stunning 8 (!) times on Antilliaanse Feesten outdoor and indoor. They brought the popular compas music from Haïti to the 21st century. The split of the band in 2016 was a shock to all of us, but new music came right after. Singer/songwriter Richard Cavé started Kaï and singer Mickael Guirand his band Vayb.

The first album of Kaï 'Champion' in 2017 was an immediate succes. In 2021 follow up album 'Jije'M' layed the next brick of their legacy. Songs 'Malad', 'Demisyone', 'JIJE'M feat. MEDJY' en 'Koupab feat. Bedjine' are classics in it's genre.

His previous show in 2018 was a great succes. A fully stacked tent was mesmerised by Richard Cavé and his Kaï! They're very pleased to return and make us enjoi their compas again.

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