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The king is dead, long live the king! Carimi is no more, long live Kaï!
After all the rumours of the breakup of the popular Haitian band Carimi - who had a subscription to Hoogstraten - all we could do now was wait and see who would take the flag first.

That became clear very quickly when Richard Cavé released his first solo album 'Champion' last year. With Carimi prominently on the keys, sometimes as a singer, but mostly as the supplier of the best songs.
With Kaï we hear an energetic compas-sound, with a self-assured Richard as frontman, who proves he has the charisma to dominate the Haitian music for many more years.
Kaï comes to Hoogstraten exclusively by invitation of Antilliaanse Feesten.

Bonus: Richard and Kaï receive support from the best Haitian singer, Michael Benjamin, aka Mikaben!

Kaï with the beautiful 'Malad' and 'Demisyone'
Mikaben with one of our favorites: 'Ayibobo'

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