Kes The Band

Kes The Band

Trinidad en Tobago
♦   Saturday

KES THE BAND is a caribbean force of nature and finally back on our stage! They come to Antilliaanse Feesten for an exclusive Benelux live show.

Trinidad & Tobago is one of the world's true melting pots, an island whose citizens have pulled from their African, Asian, Latin, European and Amerindian heritage to innovate in the fields of music, art, food and having a good time. Of the many musical acts out of T&T, none embody this mixture more than KES THE BAND. Blending pop, rock, reggae, calypso, dancehall and afrobeats together is a part of their greater calling: To spread good vibes. That is exactly what they do on their brand new album 'Man With No Door'.

Kes has always been a pioneer and a leading example in the soca genre. Combining with artists like Major Lazer (EDM), Snoop Dogg (hip hop), Shaggy (reggae), Shenseea (dancehall), Kai (compas), Wizzkid (afro) they keep pushing themselves and the soca genre to more and more people outside of it's own comunity.

"When we play live, the music translates in such a boundless way — you don't have to know what soca is, or where we're from." KES says. We say 'YES! Let's go!'

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