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Tabou Combo

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Living legends, Tabou Combo, emerged in the blessed year of 1968 in Pétionville, a district in the capital of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. They will perform an exclusive European concert by invitation of the Antilliaanse Feesten. Fantastic compas from the masters themselves.

They have an impressive discography. Their oldest work from the 1970s showcases a pure, mesmerizing sound with central guitar, drums, and accordion. The LPs 'A La Canne a Sucre', '8th Sacrament', and 'Respect' are milestones from that early period. In 1974, they scored a number one hit in France with the immortal 'New York City'. That is also the city where the group moved to export their music internationally. The five-part CD series 'Anthology' collected all Tabou-music from the peak of their career. In the 1990s, the group remained at the top: hits like 'Zap Zap' and 'Aux Antilles' are practically the musical pinnacle of creative Haiti and, by extension, the entire Caribbean.

The legendary singer Shoubou, who dropped out due to health problems, is replaced by Djumay. Former singer of the band KDM. We welcome this legendary band with more than a warm heart.

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