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KASSAV' was founded in 1979 by Jacob Desvarieux, Georges and Pierre-Édouard Décimus and has since become legendary. They put the Caribbean, especially Guadeloupe and Martinique, on the musical map and made zouk known worlwide. The genre is more popular than ever and is seeping into many productions of young artists who also feel the zouk bug.

With this tour and concert, KASSAV' pays tribute to Jacob Desvarieux, who was swept away by Covid in 2021 and leaves a huge void behind. There was great respect and many expressions of support from the entire Caribbean region and the rest of the world, because KASSAV' and especially the cheerful Jacob is loved far beyond his own country.

KASSAV' can touch your soul and hypnotize you. They still fill many halls and have toured in more than 82 countries. With lyrics anchored in the reality of the Caribbean, this infectious music, which feeds on the rhythms of gwo-ka from Guadeloupe and ti-bwa from Martinique, has transcended the well-defined codes of Caribbean music. It transformed the 80s but also the following decades into a dance floor. Even in Japan or the USSR, where the group was received with open arms, KASSAV' was the first group of black musicians to play there. More than forty years after its founding, their timeless successes still sound fresh and danceable.

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